Aquaponics, Food for a Hungry World

Aquaponics, Food for a Hungry World - I spend a lot of time thinking about this, although I won't be doing anything physical on it until next year. I am not writing this blog for anyone else - just me! I don't mind if no one else reads it at all, but it helps me to keep a record of my progress and my thinking.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011


I followed up the rhubarb pesticide question with the website where I found the recipe. This was the emailed response:

I would imagine that a high enough concentration of rhubarb leaf pesticide in a small volume of water could harm fish but in a garden-pond scenario with a small dose that there would be little risk. However, by avoiding spraying the pesticide into the water itself you will avoid any risk to the fish.

di Jonathan Radford

So I guess that used with care, it should be OK.

I have received the brochure and a sample from the Keder greenhouse people, CLM. They look like everything I could want, but the prices are high enough to contract the sphincter muscles! I shall have to downsize my expectations – or possibly live in one! But they look fabulous. Exactly what I need.

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