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Aquaponics, Food for a Hungry World - I spend a lot of time thinking about this, although I won't be doing anything physical on it until next year. I am not writing this blog for anyone else - just me! I don't mind if no one else reads it at all, but it helps me to keep a record of my progress and my thinking.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fish Stocking Levels

I have found a lot of very useful information at The Aquaponic Source. In particular, though, I was looking at fish stocking levels, and found an apparent difference between the advice from Murray Hallam and the advice from Sylvia Bernstein, so I emailed Sylvia to get some clarification. These two ‘aquaponistas’ bridge the gap between Australia and the US, and Sylvia explained that there is no difference in the two sets of advice, one being based on numbers and the other on weight. I watched Hallam’s video (the short version) again and realised that his ‘1 fish per 10 litres’ refers to fingerlings. Problem solved.

I have often noted that aquaponics is not a popular practice in UK. In my search for information, I have not found a UK centred aquaponics book. (perhaps Stirling University could look at filling this gap!) What I did find, last time I checked with Amazon UK, was ‘Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together’ by Sylvia Bernstein, and having browsed her website, The Aquaponic Source, extensively, I realised that this is probably the most useful book I could find on the subject although it is based on US practice. Sylvia was surprised when I told her I had ordered it as it doesn’t come out until October! But I have pre-ordered it and will have to be patient!

One reason I have for looking at stocking levels in particular is because I have seen a house where I may end up living, and there is slightly less floor space than I had hoped for. The situation would otherwise be pretty good but I have to work out how to fit in my aquaponics project – hence the calculations! But I am sure it can be done!

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