Aquaponics, Food for a Hungry World

Aquaponics, Food for a Hungry World - I spend a lot of time thinking about this, although I won't be doing anything physical on it until next year. I am not writing this blog for anyone else - just me! I don't mind if no one else reads it at all, but it helps me to keep a record of my progress and my thinking.

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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Breeder Colonies

I have been reading about a breeder colony: in other words a separate tank in which to breed new fish. The website where I found the information, Tilapia Farming At Home, is a US based website, and the suggestion is that by producing hybrids from a male O. Hornorum and about half a dozen O. Mossambica females, you produce 98% male offspring, thus avoiding the problem of over-breeding in the fish tank. In this website, photographs indicate that the offspring are a reasonable size and shape!

I need to get a second and third opinion about this, as well as checking availability of these varieties of Tilapia - but it sounds like a plan!

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